Registration is now open. Go here to register for the conference.

Early registration

September 30th, 17:00 (GMT+9, Japan time)
Main conference Regular: 50,000JPY
Student: 30,000JPY
Workshop Regular: 10,000JPY
Student: 10,000JPY

Late registration

October 15th, 17:00 (GMT+9, Japan time)
Main conference Regular: 60,000JPY
Student: 40,000JPY
Workshop Regular: 10,000JPY
Student: 10,000JPY
  • Welcome reception - Guest:5,000JPY
  • Banquet - Guest: 15,000JPY

The main conference attendee can attend main conference and two days of workshops. The workshop attendee can attend two days of workshops only.

Main Conference categories also include the welcome reception and the banquet.


  • For Credit Card Payment: Amount will be charged in Japanese Yen to your credit card after the Late registration deadline Monday, October 15, 2018(Japan Time).
  • For Bank Transfer: To qualify for Early Registration rate, Bank transfer payment must be made in Japanese Yen by Friday, September 28, 2018 (Japan Time).

Student Registration

To qualify for Student Registration rate, you must be a full-time student in an accredited university. Please submit a copy of valid ID (student card or official letter) to us via e-mail by 30th Sep. After 30th Sep, Late Student Fee will apply.

Change and Cancellation

  • Cancel before Oct.15 (Monday) 17:00 We will refund the total amount after deducting 10,000JPY.
  • Cancel after Oct.15 (Monday) 17:00 No refund.

If you wish to cancel your registration, written notification must be submitted to PRIMA 2018 Registration Desk by email at prima2018 [AT] to avoid any trouble. All based on Japan Time (GMT=+9:00)